The Best Detox

You want in on a secret? It’s the best detox you can do for your body and yes this one ACTUALLY works 😉⁣

A social media detox….⁣

👉Unfollow accounts that don’t promote sustainable transformation such as an influencer that has the latest and greatest program except you must take a certain supplement that she sells or it won’t work. ⁣

Or the ones where there is a laundry list of foods to “avoid” or that you “can’t” have. What about the unrealistic workouts to get your dream six pack? Yeah, those can go to.⁣

I am all about ditching the diet rules around food and body and living a life of pure joy. ⁣

We must honor and respect our bodies. ⁣

If we are constantly fighting to work against our bodies, our stress hormone levels will spike making it worse for our situation.⁣

👇 Comment below on the best detox you have done this year for your mental health ✨

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